Wrapping Paper + Contact Paper = Drawer Liners!

Ever since we painted Janella’s dresser a pretty teal for her room, we’ve been meaning to line the drawers with some kind of paper. I didn’t find the right one until I was shopping for Janella’s first birthday party and there it was.

diy drawer liners

I found the white and gray polka dot wrapping paper last year at Hobby Lobby and grabbed a roll for Janella’s dresser and decided to also use it as a photobooth background. We covered our entryway wall with the wrapping paper, set up a camera, and asked guests to take a picture there.

 mi familia

We ended up leaving the wrapping paper on the wall for like a month because it looked so good!

(and we were lazy)

I’ve been hoarding the wrapping paper ever since. I wanted to figure out how to do it that it would be durable and long-lasting, but not permanent. The nightstands in our guest room are lined with wrapping paper and it got wrinkled over time, so I didn’t want that to happen here. And I could just see my toddler girl, with a grin plastered over her little face, ripping up all of my hard work.

Last week, I told myself, enough is enough, let’s figure out a solution. I agreed with myself and then did a google search and found this blog post about using clear contact paper on top of wrapping paper. Hmm… YES.

I bought the clear contact paper at Joann Fabrics for $10. Got home, put the crazy toddler in the crib for her nap, made sure the baby was full and happy with daddy, and got to work.

drawer liner contact paper supplies

And I basically did everything wrong.

If you’re just looking for a tutorial, you should read my sparkle’s tutorial. I just found it a few seconds ago and I really wish I had found it much sooner! It is so much easier than what I did. Sigh.

So, I’ll just show you what I did and some tips to make this much easier. First, you really need a large cutting mat. It is so worth it. It’s kind of hard to cut through the contact paper with a pair of scissors and I can’t even cut a perfectly straight line through filmsy wrapping paper with scissors, either. An x-acto knife and a large cutting mat are both essentials.

You’ll also want to have a long ruler that’s metal, not plastic, so you can use it to guide your x-acto knife. The ruler should be longer than your wrapping paper.

The wrapping paper that I used had a grid on the back, which helped so much with measuring and making straight lines.

And coffee. Coffee is important.

drawer liner contact paper

After measuring out the wrapping paper to fit all 9 drawers and cutting them out, I peeled the contact paper and put it on top and then cut it to fit. Again, the tutorial I just linked to has a much better way to do this step, but I just want to tell you that you should go over the whole thing with a plastic card (e.g. a credit card) to smooth out any air bubbles. I didn’t do that and the next day I found lots of air bubbles everywhere. Luckily, I did the card trick and most of them went away. Whew.

contact paper and wrapping paper

You can see here how the clear contact paper helped the wrapping paper become much more durable.

lined drawers dresser

At first, I was going to leave the sides uncut so they could stick to the sides of the drawer, but that didn’t work out. Because it was ugly. So I just cut off the excess and secured the liners with double stick tape.

double stick tape not permanent

A note – I used removable double sided tape because I wanted to be able to change things up later if I wanted to. You could use permanent double sided tape if you want, but remember that nothing in life is permanent. Sad but true.

lined drawers dresser

lined drawers dresser

And that’s it.

 lined drawers dresser

lined drawers dresser

 lined drawers dresser

To be honest, I did this project just to make things a little prettier. I like pretty things, who doesn’t? But lined drawers are SO MUCH BETTER than naked drawers. Clothes glide around with ease, making it a bit easier for me to search through 10 pink pants to find the ones that have the bow on the bottom. What can I say, I take fashion seriously.

(not really)

lined drawers dresser

I think I’m going to line every single drawer in this house with wrapping paper and clear contact paper. And the pantry. And the sad cabinet. And and and and.

Pretty and practical, my favorite combination.

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  1. Elisa! Your drawer liners turned out excellent!! Thanks for linking back to my blog post on the drawer liners. I’m glad you found it helpful. I like the picture you posted of the liners with the uncut contact paper in the drawers, with the exacto knife. That could’ve been a great idea for getting an exact fit. =)

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