Why You Should Always Read the Reviews Before Buying Anything

I’m going through a bitter divorce.

A divorce with this thing:

stanley stud finder

It’s a stud finder made by Stanley.

I think it has multiple personalities and its dominant personality is that of a rebellious toddler who can’t make up his mind.

It tells me different things every time I put it on the same spot. It will tell me that a stud goes on for 12 inches when it’s only 3 inches or so wide.

Worse of all, it had me thinking that I couldn’t do a little project I was excited about. Remember when I told you that I couldn’t put up my pipe configuration in the laundry room to act as a clothes hanger? Well, the stud finder actually lied to me. There’s no electrical wires up there, so I was able to install the pipe, finally! I will show you pictures of that tomorrow.

But today, I want to talk about always reading reviews before you buy any tool. I just went to the Amazon page on this exact stud finder and was not surprised by the reviews there. I only wish I read them before buying it!

Some of the reviews say my sentiments EXACTLY.

“I now wish I’d have spent the extra money and gotten a better product.” This. The stud finder was one of the cheapest we found at our hardware store and we thought it would be fine. But it’s given us a lot of aggravation that was not worth the price tag. We’ve got to stop our habit of buying the cheapest thing and thinking that it’ll work just as well as something more expensive. We’re 30, for Pete’s sake. We’re supposed to be grown-ups.

However, I don’t want to automatically assume that more expensive means better quality. What to do? I’ll make sure to read reviews before buying anything, especially tools!!

Another review said, “I can’t wait to get rid of this cursed, evil thing.” Yep.

Rant over. What about you? Have you had bad luck with any particular tool or product that made you wish you had checked their reviews beforehand? Or have you changed your mind on buying something after reading bad reviews?

2 Comments on “Why You Should Always Read the Reviews Before Buying Anything

  1. I have the same one and apparently my entire house is ‘live’! It was not the cheapest and I thought Stanley was a ‘good’ brand so bought it with confidence, have stopped using it.
    Great news on your clothes hanger project :0)
    The old adage ‘you can’t afford to buy cheap’ is so true as you always end up buying a replacement.

    • Your entire house? That made me laugh! It’s truly a piece of junk.

      And thanks for reminding me of that saying. So true.

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