The Nursery… 19 Months Later

Around 19 months ago, Janella was still inside me and I was working hard on her nursery.

I haven’t really shared the whole room with you all. Shame on me. I never quite finished it — there’s a blank wall that we still need to decide what to do with — so that’s why I kept on postponing on sharing it.

It’s time to get over myself and share it with you all, especially before baby #2 arrives… which will happen TOMORROW. Hooray!

Little girl baby #2 will eventually share the room with Janella when she is ready… but for now, it’s still Janella’s room. I wanted to document it as it is today before we change some things to accommodate baby #2.

This is my favorite corner in the room.

nursery day bed shelves

I made these curtains, added orange ribbon to a roller shade, and got the daybed off Craig’s List. I’ve been meaning to paint the bed white. I will, someday.

The book ledges are from IKEA and the elephant is from Costco. We got the sweet map from Gilt and it has a heart on Janella’s birthplace, Austin.

I put in the daybed because I thought I would be “sleeping” there during sleepless nights with a newborn. But we just took Janella into our room instead. The daybed wasn’t really used at all, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a nursery. However, it will probably become Janella’s future big girl bed. I really, really need to paint it.

The map was an unplanned purchase. We planned to DIY a giant map to put behind Janella’s crib, but we never got around to it. Nick found the cute map on Gilt, but it was smaller than we thought it would be. So, we decided to put it in that spot and it’s actually the perfect place for it. Eventually, I’ll add a light sconce underneath it so Janella can turn it on and read in bed.

The book ledges are my favorite. They make it so easy for Janella to grab books and put them back herself. And they add a lot of color and excitement to that corner!

The elephant is Janella’s FAVORITE. She runs and jumps into it EVERY NIGHT. She actually freaked out like a maniac when we gave it to her on her 1st birthday.

nursery corner

This corner is pretty sweet too. There’s the tissue paper ball that I made with a paper lantern, another roller shade with ribbon, and the fun orange closet that I caulked and painted while hugely pregnant. A soft armchair and an ottoman rounds out the area.

I love the tissue-covered paper lantern. It fills out the space nicely and when Janella was younger, she loved looking up at it. The chair is not really a necessary item to have in a nursery, but it was nice having a place to sit during these nights when Janella just wanted to cling on one of her parents after a late night wake-up.

I really enjoy having the curtain divide the closet from the room instead of a door, but our two cats are idiots. Actually, they’re not idiots, they’re just natural hunters. Since they’re indoor cats, they hunt baby shoes instead of birds and lizards. It gets old finding baby shoes on the first floor.

Cats, we can’t eat baby shoes. You can’t, either. STOP HUNTING THEM.

Otherwise, the closet is great. We’ll add a second rod sometime down the road so we can hang up more clothes. Some people scoff at hanging up baby clothes, but I love doing it. It’s so much easier than folding and you get less wrinkles.

nursery crib

Now, this is the space that is the most unfinished in this room. The crib is fine, but the crib skirt needs to be re-hemmed or adjusted in some way since we lowered the mattress.

We got three giant canvases and planned to paint a map for that wall, but now that we already have one in the room, we can’t think of what to paint on these canvases. We’ll come up with something. Maybe just a stencil on the wall will suffice?

For now, a cute banner from my baby shower fills out the space (my sweet friend Rachel made it!) along with the adorable bird mobile that my mom made.

nursery dresser and diy art

The camera battery died before I could photograph this part of the room when I was taking pictures of it, but here’s an old picture of the teal dresser and the DIY animal art. This area still looks basically the same.

The teal dresser is a fun element in the room and I love it so much. It needs some touch-ups here and there and I still need to clean up these brass pulls, but the dresser holds so much clothes and gives me a lot of counter space for all the BABY STUFF. I don’t change Janella on the changing pad anymore — we change her on the floor — but I’m leaving it there for baby #2. Using a dresser instead of a separate changing table is one of the best decisions we’ve made for the room.

The animal DIY art was a BIG BIG hit with Janella. When she was younger, around 9-11 months old, I would tell her the signs for all the animals and point to them. When she started to sign, she could sign the words for all the animals and would point to the right photo when I said “Where is the…” At 19 months, she has outgrown these animals and I would swap them out with new animals or art, but I’m going to leave them there for the next baby! In short, animals + nursery = lots of fun learning for baby.

There’s no glider in this room… GASP. We have one in the living room (handed down to us by a sweet friend, Barb) that we used constantly for a few months. We considered moving it to the nursery, but rocking a baby to sleep is BORING and I needed to watch something on TV while rocking to keep me sane. Plus, we realized that Janella was getting addicted to being rocked to sleep so we stopped doing it and today she goes to sleep pretty well without any rocking whatsoever. Whew.

There are still a few things I want to add to the room. I would love a mirror of some kind at a low area so that Janella and her sister can make faces at themselves whenever they want. We need to put up a few cute hooks to hang up wet towels after nightly baths and to hold headbands. And in a few months, we’ll need to get a second crib in there, unless Janella transitions to the day bed before baby #2 is ready for the crib. I doubt that’ll happen, though.

I’ve logged a lot of hours in that room. Lots of putting away of clothes, of changing diapers, of GOOD MORNING BABY HI HI HI, lots of bedtime stories, lots of playing with socks and headbands, lots of weekly photos, and lots of hugs and kisses. It’s absolutely my favorite room of the house. It’s colorful, full of life, and totally Janella. I know she loves the room as much as I do.

I can only hope that baby girl #2 will love it as well!

Tomorrow… our family expands!

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