Success! We Have a Clothes Hanging Bar in our Laundry Room!

Lying stud finder be damned, we now have a clothes drying bar in our laundry room that’s made of piping material!

Here’s what the laundry room looks like today.


The room is looking better and better every day. Although, it would look even better once I finish washing all the sheets that are lumped on the floor and conveniently not shown in this photo, but let’s pretend I didn’t just tell you that.

A closer look:


I do wish that we could have gotten a slightly smaller pipe, but the next size down was way too small for this space. This will do!

It was stupid easy to make. First, I measured the space and then sat myself down on the floor (seriously) in the piping area of Home Depot and figured out the pieces I needed. I got two pipes in two different sizes, two flanges, and one elbow. It totaled to around $25 dollars, I think… maybe less.

Then I took them home and assembled it. But the pipes felt very dirty… they felt sticky and oily. I suppose they added something to them for piping purposes, I don’t know, but I wanted the stuff off. My clever Nick suggested that I use our bottle of Goo Gone… and it worked VERY WELL.

See how much dirt it removed in only a few swipes:


When I was done wiping it all off, I had a few handfuls of blackened towel paper and a shiny, clean hanging rod made of pipes.

Then it was time to install it. There is a stud at the perfect location of the back flange, so we just drilled in three screws to hold it against the back wall. Why only three screws? The fourth hole was hidden behind the cabinets and thus unreachable. Since we drilled into a stud, I’m sure it’ll hold.


On the other wall, we had to put in four strong anchors. I did the drilling… to prove to you that I do the drilling sometimes around here. When Nick lets me. *rolls eyes* Macho boys with their macho tools. (Nick, I’m kidding, I love you and I love how you put up with my house project ideas!)IMG_4666

And that’s it!


But not quite. Because I just need to obsess over every detail…

Do you think I should spray paint it???


Black? Dark, dark gray? Teal like the cabinet pulls? A prettier silver? Yellow? Gold? Or something unexpected, like coral?


I don’t know. What say you?

Catch up with our laundry room saga: the original plan, finding the paint, the art, and the cabinets’ before and after.

So sorry how things look like around here on this blog. Ugh, I know, it’s ugly. We’re currently under construction!

8 Comments on “Success! We Have a Clothes Hanging Bar in our Laundry Room!

  1. I like the idea of coral for only the pipes, leave the flanges silver. Would it be scratch-proof?

    • That really sounds pretty! I could only use plastic hangers and poly the heck out of the pipe…

    • It’s especially useful when you have so many clothes that can’t be thrown in the dryer, like I do!

  2. My studfinder is also a lying POS. We usually use the 18-holes-in-the-wall method.

    I like the metal finish, I wouldn’t paint it (although it would look nice if you did). And it seems very handy.

    • I bang on the wall and guess if there’s a stud there or not. It works OK so far…

      The hanging bar definitely makes the laundry room much more functional!

  3. looks really good! I have a similar set up but am wondering about hanging a bar between the wall and then a flange onto the cabinet versus what you did with the elbow. would the cabinet support the weight? i know this is an old thread, but stumbled upon your reno.

    • Good question – I’m definitely not qualified to answer that question! 🙂 If you screw the cabinet into a wall stud, maybe, but would the bottom of the cabinet be strong enough? Might depend on how long your bar is and how heavy you load it? Good luck!!

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