Our Sweet New Lights for the Purple Bathroom

We have new bathroom lights for our purple master bathroom! They’re installed and looking all pretty and nice. But it was a long journey to this point. Aren’t home improvement decisions always like that, anyway? I should be used to this by now.

In February, I did a lot of online research on Lowe’s website and narrowed down their huge selection to around 15 lights that I liked. And then I shared them with Nick, got his feedback, stared at the mirrors while imagining the lights on the top, and narrowed it down even more to 6 finalists.

Then I called Lowe’s to make sure that they were in stock.

None of them were.

All that work… WHATEVER.

I went to the nearest store and was kind of amused to see that not a SINGLE light on my final 6 (or even final 15) list were available there. I decided to just choose several lights that looked similar to what we liked and test them out at home.

Later that day, I checked Joss and Main and found this really nice bathroom light that we liked very much.

bathroom lights

photo from here


It was unique, modern but not too sleek, and had a reasonable price tag.

However, it’s always a risk to buy something on Joss & Main since they don’t accept returns. What if we didn’t like the bathroom light? I did a search for the light online and found that it was sold in other places, including Sears, at a higher price point. I figured that we could always sell it on Craig’s List for the same price we bought it if it didn’t work out.

The deadline to purchase the light was only a few hours away by the time I showed Nick the lights, so we hurriedly tested out the three lights from Lowe’s that very night to make our final decision before the sale ended.

Thus… these horrible taken-at-night-with-camera-flashes shots. But you get the idea.

testing out bathroom lights

This light was not bad but just a bit too big. Imagine two of them, side by side — it would just overtake that whole space and look crowded. We really liked how the white shades popped off the purple wall, though.

testing out bathroom lights

We hated the shades. They were just too transparent. We realized that opaque white shades would work better in our purple bathroom.

testing out bathroom lights

Three lights, but at a smaller scale than the first bathroom light. However, the shades were too transparent.

We decided to return all three lights and go for the light from Joss and Main.

The package arrived almost immediately. I was so excited about these lights that I assembled one of the lights while Janella, who broke the glass on our coffee table (I’ll tell that story someday), was awake and playing. I’m a daredevil, I know. But it all worked out.

At first, Janella was impressed…

shock and awe. new bathroom lights and baby

But then something else caught her attention. It’s amazing how short her attention span is these days. BALL. CAT. IPHONE. HORSEY. NO TOUCH TV. LIGHT. CAT. BALL. BOOK. BALL!!

new bathroom lights and baby

I stared at it for much longer.

I would have installed the lights RIGHT AWAY, but our bathroom only had one light “hole” (help me, what’s the right term for this?). I was planning on finding an electrician to add two new light “holes” above the two mirrors and cover up the middle hole, but my father-in-law was in town and he said he could do it. What??? Awesome.

So he did it and he did it so fast that he was done before I could take any pictures of the process. Wow.

bathroom lights

(Never mind the Cyclops thing in the middle. That’s a patch job in progress. I’ll do a separate post on that soon.)

That’s Tony, my dad-in-law, in the mirror above. Thanks, Dad Vita!

bathroom lights

Before we received these lights in the mail, I was afraid that the two-bulb lights would be too small for our mirrors. I thought that maybe three-bulb lights would fit the space better. The three-bulb light style wasn’t available on Joss and Main, but I found them on the Sears website. I decided to go ahead with the two-bulb lights and if they looked funny, we could buy the three-bulb lights instead.

But the lights looked perfect in person and so we were satisfied.

HOWEVER, now that I’m looking at these photos, the lights do look kinda small. Do they look small to you? But they look just awesome in person and since I’m living in my house, not just looking at photos of it, the lights will stay!

bathroom lights

The funny thing is that the lights helped me like the vintagey finish on the mirrors better. Everything looks good together. So far, so good!

We’re now looking for tiles. We have a couple of samples we like, but I’ll go to another tile store today and hopefully we’ll make our final decision SOON.

2 Comments on “Our Sweet New Lights for the Purple Bathroom

  1. Me likey! The pointy ends somehow complement the mirror frames (which are gorgeous btw)! Laughing about Janella and the glass table story- definitely must share that! No more throwing balls in the house, too, eh? šŸ˜‰

  2. The new light looks pretty! Yay for handy father-in -laws!! I think the no-return policy has me freaked out about buying anything from them too….glad these lights worked out!

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