Our sad cabinet needs a paint job…

A long while ago, we bought this cabinet from a Goodwill store.

thrifted cabinet for entryway

This cabinet makes me feel so very full of regret. We bought it in 2011 and it was sad and lonely in our garage until just last summer. Poor little cabinet. Why did we wait so long to put it to use?

Actually, I know why. I wanted to paint it first before putting it in my home, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself over the course of decorating this house, it’s that out of sight, out of mind.

No more. From now on, I’ll put the ugly in full display and shame myself into completing projects. Perfect plan.

So, this cabinet is now in our entryway.

entryway before

And it’s working. I have this bad itch to jump on that chest and PAINT it.

But what color?

entryway cabinet paint color choices

My original plan, back in 2011, was to paint it turquoise. Right now, in the year of 2013, I think turquoise is too bright of a color for this cabinet in this location. For one, the gray paint on the wall has blue undertones and a turquoise cabinet would probably look lost here. And the design on the cabinets are a little in-your-face and I’m afraid that a bright, bold color would only highlight it.

I seriously considered painting the cabinet a high gloss black for a while after looking all the paint samples (all from Home Depot) against the wall, but I still wanted something teal-ish.

Suddenly, two words popped in my head: Hague Blue.

I’ve heard about this color on blogs here and there, but I just didn’t have a reason to use it in my home. Until now…! See how great this color can be:

Elle Decor, via The English Room

via Pearle & Pierce Home

And Jenny from MFAMB painted her cabinet in the same color and it looks really great. See it here.

I think the color really shines when it’s in high gloss. So, that’s the plan right now.

We also got a nice, thick, shiny, white mirror from my favorite store, Williams & Sonoma Outlet that also sells West Elm and Pottery Barn stuff at discounted prices. We’ll switch that out with the dark mirror you see in the above pictures.

AND I want to give that lamp a makeover, but not sure what or how yet.

One thing’s for sure. I’m going to wield my favorite gold spray and spray these handles and take them from blah to bam!

The only real problem here is HOW to paint the cabinet. I recently bought a paint sprayer but I still need an air compressor to use it. I’m afraid to tackle these crazy doors with a paint brush, but I might have to if I don’t get an air compressor before the cabinet drives me insane.

Therefore… I’m currently stalking Craig’s List for an air compressor. Not as much fun as furniture, but I will feel like a real DIYer when our garage becomes the proud owner of a giant air compressor. Do you have one? Any recommendations?

I might just go ahead and attack the cabinet with a paint brush. I’ll let you know if I survive…

6 Comments on “Our sad cabinet needs a paint job…

  1. Betterafter.net shows makeovers, mostly of furniture, every day. It might help you envision what your projects would look like. I believe there was a cabinet similar to yours the other day.

    • Love hearing others’ opinions 🙂 Never thought of using candle wax… and I really love the red cabinet on that website. Wowww

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