Our Family Expands!

On June 11, 2013, our little family of three became a family of four with the addition of our sweet little Sienna Jo!

The birth went great and Sienna is just a perfect, tiny little thing. Here’s what happened that day and the days thereafter, in pictures. (Please excuse the excess water weight on my body and face… ugh.)

Last pregnancy photo – June 10, 2013, the original due date.

IMG_9811 2

Last photo of us as a family of three.


At the hospital! At around 6 AM in the morning.


My nurse, Kimberly, was truly great. I love (most of) the nurses at our hospital.


Hanging out with Janella and waiting for Sienna to come out.


Janella kept herself busy with toy animals and trains.


Sienna is here! 6 pounds, 14 ounces, a tiny girl. She practically dove out of me! Kimberly delivered her, since my doctor didn’t come in time. Oops!


We’ve waited so long to finally meet you, Sienna!


 Sienna signing her first word: Mommy! Not really, but doesn’t it look like it? Although, on second thought, it might be a bad sign that she’s sticking out her tongue while signing it. Hmm.


 Janella fell in love instantly with her little sister.


Such a sweet little girl baby.


Sienna has a cute little chin cleft and dimples. Two things that Nick and I don’t have. So fascinating to see how genes work…?!


Officially a family of four! Finally going home after two long nights at the hospital. I wanted an early discharge, but Sienna has a different blood type than me and so they wanted to watch for signs of jaundice. There were none, so off to home we went!


Janella carefully supervises as Nick swaddles Sienna.


Dad and his two girls.


Mom and her two girls. Janella enjoyed the wheelchair ride, but I’m not sure Sienna did.


Home sweet home.


P.S. Thanks, mom, for being there for the four of us during this time!! OXOX


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  1. Awesome picture story- heart-touching to see another beautiful lil lady come in your family! Janella’s becoming more beautiful everyday and it’s fun to see her personality emerge even more! Sienna’s adorable! It’s definitely fascinating about dimples and chin cleft- will her name sign be related to those? Or use the one for the city Sienna? Staying peeled here. 🙂 Much hugsss!!

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