One Room Challenge: Thrifting Is Fun

We’re making over our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge link-up party and this is week three. If this is your first time here, check out week one and week two.

Nick’s parents are here (you know them as Mom and Dad Vita), our oldest girl’s turning 2 tomorrow, and… well, etc. It’s been hectic lately, but I’ve managed to make SOME progress in our bedroom. However, there’s nothing finished to show you all today… but just know that the bench is sanded down and ready to be primed, the bench fabric arrived today, the ribbon trim for the roller shade has been bought, and I’m experimenting with trim ideas for the tall dresser. Whew.

Earlier this week I took the baby to two thrift stores after dropping off the toddler girl at school. It was pretty awesome… I didn’t realize how much I missed browsing thrift shops! Now that the in-laws are visiting, I’m going to grab this opportunity to visit as many thrift shops as I can without a baby crying on my shoulder. Good plan!

Anyway, here’s what I saw. (The pictures are bad because our iPhone camera is bad because Janella chewed on it. Oh well. I guess I don’t feed her enough.)

I stopped by It’s New To Me first.

giant king bed thrift store

I was fascinated by that huge king bed! If I had a really big master bedroom, I would consider getting it… but it’s just BIG. Nick said that it reminded him of a medieval bed. Oh yeah, he’s right.

This thrift store always has great chairs. Nick didn’t like ANY of these, but whatever.

thrift store chair

I was looking at chairs because a friend/reader on Facebook gave me a good idea of putting two chairs on both sides of the long dresser. I didn’t find anything but I really liked the chair above. The design on the back is just so pretty.

This rocking chair!!!!

thrift store rocking chair

I’ve been looking for this kind of rocking chair for a long time and never thought I would find it. But I sat down on it and it felt… old. Like I would break it within two weeks of buying it.

I also loved these chairs but I only needed 2, not 4.

thrift store chairs

That store is pretty good with bedroom sets, dressers, side tables, coffee tables, chairs, and dining room sets. But their prices are CRAZY for mirrors and art. $50 for hotel art, pretty much. No thank you.

I prefer the art selection at Next to New, which was where I went to next.

thrift store bird art

We already have a cool bird art that we bought from this store a while ago and Nick had the idea of using all bird art around our mounted TV. I found these two prints but they were $37 each. Oh please. They weren’t even that big. I’ll come back when the price goes down and see if they’re still available. This store drops the prices on items that don’t sell. The prices drop per month, I believe.

They had a decent selection of bed frames there. I really liked this headboard/footboard combo — it’s a bit hard to see in the photos but it’s the tall ones leaning on the wall.

thrift store bed

thrift store bed

However, it’s a California King bed and the price was $350. The price will drop to $87 in November, wow. It’s an option to keep in mind.

I really loved this headboard:

thrift store bed

But it’s a full size. Boo.

Fell in LOVE with these panels (there are three). This photo sucks but the colors are really vibrant but still vintage-looking. I loved the teal in the birds and the gold on the frame. Buy me, buy me, they sang to me.

thrift store panels

The price, however, shouted at me and told me to stay away.

thrift store prices

That’s $125 per panel. Ah, I’ll come back in December and see if they’re still available. Probably not, but you never know.

If you’re in the area, here’s some good news. I hope to make good use of this sale the next time I go there… since I didn’t find anything I loved enough to buy this time.

thrift store sale

I enjoyed myself, but I was sad that I didn’t find a bed… until I checked Craig’s List again. VOILA!!

craigslist bed

craigslist bed

For $100???

Oh yes! Come to mama.

The bed is at San Antonio, which is an hour away, and I need to rent a truck. Ugh, blah, but the seller says he’ll hold it for me until Sunday (after all the birthday fun is over for Janella) and hopefully I’ll grab a truck from Home Depot (U-Haul has this stupid .59 per mile charge that will jack up the price from $20 to $90-ish).

In my mind, that bed is ours. I really hope the seller won’t sell it to someone else! Be kind, seller, be kind with my heart.

It’s a king bed, though, so we’ll need to get a new mattress. And sheets.

Ah, it’ll be worth it when all four of us are able to snuggle together during a rainy Sunday morning to watch a riveting episode of Pingu. Good plan!

8 Comments on “One Room Challenge: Thrifting Is Fun

  1. Love those bird panels!!!! Could even be a huge statement art for the room! Your lucky to get that fabulous bed Elisa!!!!!! SCORE!

    • I KNOW I want to steal these panels. $100 each is too much, so sad… but yes the bed! I’d prefer that bed over pretty art, anyway! 🙂

  2. I once rented a pickup from Enterprise, drove it 400 miles and had
    no surcharge for mileage. It would probably be more expensive than a couple hours from home depot/lowes, but there trucks are always gone when I try there.

    Just something for a back-up plan.

    • Haha. But that’s a pretty good idea, never know if they have a good deal going at the time.. I will check that out the next time we rented a truck. We already got the bed with a Home Depot rental, yay!

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