One Room Challenge: Plans and More Plans

I’ve already started working on our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge link-up party (hint: spray paint is involved) but I still have a long way to go.

I was making changes here and there and realized that I didn’t like how things were going. That’s what happens when you have a vague design plan and think you can wing it. No. You can’t wing it. Actually, let me rephrase. I can’t wing it. You might be able to, but not me.

If you want to really evaluate a room, take photos of it. That’s what I did and it really helped us come up with a more detailed plan, including colors and all that fun stuff.

Let’s start with the wall with the bed.

wall 1 master bedroom

The bed has to go. Period. If you look closely between the slats of the crib, you can see the damage that our cats have done.

I’ve been seriously stalking Craig’s List for queen or king beds that come with a headboard, a footboard, and a frame. Nick would like to upgrade to a king bed, while I’m a bit iffy because we’d have to buy a new mattress. And that means less $$ for pretty things. But we’ll see.

Here’s what Austin’s Craig is looking like these days.

craig's list finds

The prices vary so much that it is possible to grab a nice bed for a low price, but you gotta act fast. I saw a really, really nice bed for only $50 last weekend and immediately texted the seller. He (or she?) said that it was available and to pick it up. I called Home Depot to see if I could rent their truck but of course they were all rented out. Could I reserve a truck? No. When should I call back? Don’t know. I texted the seller again and explained the situation.

Less than an hour later, he texted me back and said, “Sold the bed. Sorry.”

$50!!!!!!! I will forever be sad about that. I am seriously tempted to just buy a truck so that we can buy a bed for a low price. Good logic? I think so, too.

All these beds above are nice, but not perfect because either the price is too high or the shape isn’t quite right. However, I’m seriously considering the King Size bed frame and Dresser (bottom row, middle photo). $275 is a really good deal for a king size bed AND a nice dresser. And the seller says he can deliver. We could use the dresser as a TV stand in our game room. I think I’ll email them and ask for more photos and ask for delivery prices. HMM.

The Queen size bed (2nd row, left photo) is nice, too. The price isn’t bad. Cedar Park is a little far, though, and I’m not sure if I can make the trip there and back within 90 minutes, which is the duration of a truck rental from Home Depot.

If I was rich and had a huge truck, I would go for one of these beds:

craig's list finds

Can you imagine them painted a really nice shade of aqua/teal/turquoise? Wow. But both beds are so expensive (the one on the left is over $1,000) that it’s probably a furniture sin to paint them.

Whatever bed we finally buy will help us decide what to put above the bed. Right now, we’re loving the idea of an antique mirror, like this:

antique mirror above bedSource:


Moving on to the wall on the left of our bed…

wall 2 master bedroom

That dresser is wide, but the wall is so big that the dresser almost looks small.

We will mount the TV to the wall and do a gallery frame wall around the TV. We’re not sure what the gallery frame wall will look like, though. At first, we wanted something like this:

tv gallery wallSource: Burlap and Lace

But then I checked out Lonny and this is kinda wow.

gallery frame wall lonnySource: Lonny, October 2013 Issue

Just switch out the mirror in the middle for a TV. Nice.

Not sure.

I think we’ll scoot over the dresser to the left and make room for a chair in the corner. That should fill up the wall some more… I hope.

That purple iron decor thingy above the TV? I already spray painted it white and I plan to put it above the dresser on this wall, which faces our bed:

wall 3 master bedroom

So hard to take a photo of this wall with the sun shining through the window.

The iron decor thingy will go above the dresser and then I want to bring some life to the dark, black dresser. I really love this dresser…

white and gold dresserSource: Layla Grace

…that costs over $2,500. Eh, it’s not expensive. Not at all.

I love the gold detailing and I think that can be achieved with painted trim and knobs with the help of my favorite gold spray paint. I’ve already painted the knobs, but should I paint the dresser white? I’m still undecided on that but probably. Maybe. Too ambitious? Probably. Maybe.

The bench below the window will definitely be painted white. I’m going to start on that project tomorrow (if Janella and Sienna let me, that is). I’m also ordering this fabric:

fabric for benchSource:

It’s a thin fabric, not designed for upholstery, but I plan to back it with fusible backing and hopefully that will work. I just can’t find another fabric that I love as much as this one!

The photo frames on the left of the curtains. Sigh. I already painted them a color but I don’t think I like it. Hopefully I’ll come to a decision and show you the pretty, not fugly, results next week. And the frames will be lined up. How they’re hung here was a mistake, so never mind the current arrangement.

Now, this wall.

wall 4 master bedroom

I’m thinking large scale DIY art, inspired by this gorgeousness:

photographySource: Max Wanger Photography

And we have an interesting problem in this area of the room:

ipad charging station if you can call it that

That, my dear, is Nick’s iPad charging station. If you can call it that. A chair with a pile of junk on top of it to hold up the iPad to Nick’s eye level is what I call it. We need a little table for this area, maybe one on wheels or one that pops up from the wall. Something. I hate this stupid chair and the stupid stuff on it that always falls off when I move it. Shoo, you stupid thing. SHOO.

What else, what else. Ah, the paint color on the walls. I’m seriously thinking about repainting the gray. It’s just the wrong shade of gray. It leans purple and is… just… It just doesn’t look good with many colors. Nick is really not liking the idea of repainting, but I think we have no choice. I love the gray in Janella’s room, so I might try testing that color out on our wall. I want to leave the dark gray trim along the sides of the wall, though.

Lots to do. I’d better stop typing and get to painting. Bye!

13 Comments on “One Room Challenge: Plans and More Plans

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  2. lol! I love that you shooed the chair. And I love all your ideas! An antique mirror would be divine.

  3. I love the $150 cherry poster bed the most Elisa! But any of the choices you have would look fab. I think for a charging station, you can just drill a hole on one of your gorgeous side tables top shelf, put the cord thru and hide the charging station inside. I for one am not a big fan of charging stations exposed, although in our bedroom I do have one on my hubs side, a pretty PB caddy that goes well with the table. Anyhow, it’s all about practicality, good luck!

  4. You have great ideas and great pics for inspiration. So many beds (with great potential) available in the Austin area. Yes, the transporting is usually an issue; I have the same problem and have lost out on pieces as a result. Gray can show up as a shade of purple/lilac depending on the formula that goes into making up the color – it is the mauve/pink that is added to it. But there are so many shades. Gallery wall will look amazing.

  5. I was immediately drawn to that bed in the bottom middle photo! SO pretty. And I already love your nightstands with the campaign hardware. I know this room is going to end up looking amazing!

  6. Seems like you have a great plan and so much inspiration. Looks like the Austin area has some really nice beds on Craig’s List – and I was also drawn to the bed in the bottom row. Could you rent a U-Haul truck instead of one from Home Depot – you can usually get one of those for $19.95 a day (plus mileage – I think) but it might work for you. Will check back to see new updates.

  7. Ugh, I hate missing out on good deals!

    I lol’d at the charging station, that looks very familiar to me. Love the little secretary next to the bed, though.

    I say repaint. Might as well do it before it’s all decorated, right?

  8. Craigslist is the best resource!~ Your perfect be will show up. You can go see a bed and put a deposit down then get the truck. Love your plans! The mirror over the bed will be great as will the photo gallery.

  9. Oooh! Exciting! And I hope you find a fab bed to show us. I’ve got the plain old mattress w/ no headboard thing going on!

  10. Sorry commenting so late, but google two projects–Brooklyn Limestone has a tv wall with a grid of picture frames around it at her shore house (I also did something similar at my sister’s apartment), and Emily A Clark just did a similar dresser hack recently for that Layla Grace dresser (maybe some tips and tricks?). I love that green fabric, and I can’t wait to see how the room turns out!

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