On Cloud Nine With Our Closet

Another piece of the nursery puzzle is done!

While I’m sad that Baby doesn’t want to come out yet, I’m happy to have the extra time to finish off the closet.

Later on, when Baby is up and about, we’ll know more about what we need in terms of storage solutions (maybe a tiny Expedit for toy storage, for example, or shelves for shoes), but for now it is cute and happy and done!

Here’s what the closet looked like before – a blank slate.

closet before

Since the closet is between the crib and the upholstered chair/pouf that we have in the nursery, the door was kind of annoying to open and close. Plus, our AC/heating system is kind of wonky and it would get really, really hot in there if the door was closed. So, the first thing we did was to remove the door.

And you remember my caulking and painting job. We also didn’t like how the brown rods looked, so we primed and painted them white.

Our dresser, originally intended for the guest room, fit in the closet better and provided us a way to organize extra stuff.

inside closet before

Look up and see our boring closet light. How exciting.

light closet before

We discussed a couple of different color possibilities for the closet, but the only one that made sense was ORANGE, BABY. We tested out a couple of orange colors and settled on Amber Glow – it’s a soft orange and went well with the curtains. The other colors reminded us too much of the Longhorns and if you’ve ever been in Austin on a Saturday, you know we have too much of that rust-orange color prancing around.

orange paint choices

After painting the ceiling gray, the walls orange, caulking and painting the shelves, and hanging up the leftover fabric from our curtains, we were done!

outside closet after

I’ve always loved the closet in Sherry and John of Young House Love’s sweet nursery and how they used the curtain as the door, so that was what we did here.

Unfortunately, the fabric that we had left over from the curtain project did not quite reach the floor. Instead of leaving it as is and thinking of flood pants every time I look at it, we simply gathered it to the side with a ribbon (from our ribbon shades) and hung it on a tiny hook. So cute!

close-up of curtain closet

The ribbon was easy to make – all I did was to iron-hem the ends and add velcro. Ta-da!

velcro on curtain ribbon

We also tried to reduce the “flood pants” look by lowering the curtain rod as much as we could without it looking funny.

lowered curtain bar

We really struggled with how to hang the closet curtain. YHL hung theirs on a tension rod, but we weren’t sure we wanted to go that route because we didn’t feel that it would be very secure. We thought of many different possible solutions that were all mostly stupid, but we finally found this thin window rod at Wal-Mart that worked perfectly! I don’t know what it’s called (bad blogger), but you can find it at Wal-Mart for around $3.

close-up curtain rod

Come in and peek inside. You’ll see another tiny roller with the royal ribbon treatment. I also think this photo represents the orange in the closet the best.

curtain and window shade

What’s inside the closet? Not much right now, but I’m sure it’ll fill up quickly. Diapers, tiny clothes, a breastfeeding cover, and a couple of other essentials.

I know, we don’t have much baby clothes. We actually do have more plain white onesies tucked away in the drawers – and a few very cute gender-specific outfits that I don’t want to show you yet. The gender is a secret!

I don’t want to buy too many clothes before I know what size Baby is. I hate wasting money.

shelf and tiny clothes

I had a lot of fun personalizing some white onesies with paint, though! I’ll talk more about that in another post, but you can see a few of them here – the KISS and the Phillies onesies.

And yum, could you just eat up that white white whiteeee shelf and rod? And the caulking is perfect. Yes, I’m proud of myself. That was an extra step worth taking.

tiny clothes

Okay, on the other side – the dresser and the world’s cutest humidifier in the shape of an excited baby elephant. That’s pretty much it – for now. The dresser is stocked with blankets, towels, PJs, socks, hats, and cloth diapers.

left side closet

But my favorite part is when you look up!

loook up at the cloud light

Isn’t that just adorable? That’s the cloud light, as I call it. Actually, it’s the SKOJIG light from IKEA. It’s the perfect light for the closet – it’s almost flush to the ceiling, so it doesn’t interfere with the shelves, but it makes the closet a more special place.

A word of caution if you’re considering the SKOJIG light – it didn’t really fit our… ah, I need to develop my electricity/lighting vocabulary. I don’t know what any of these things are called. I hope the photo below is clear enough for what I’m trying to tell you about…

pesty IKEA cloud light

Basically, it didn’t fit, so we had to drill new holes to get it to fit. We’ve had problems with the other IKEA light we have (in our office), so this might be an IKEA thing (European measurements?) or just something weird about our home? We don’t have any problems with other ceiling lights. Do you have any problems installing IKEA ceiling lights?

Anyway, despite a few tantrums from an unnamed person (not me), we got it to fit. And we love it. Especially when the light is on and the clouds smile upon us…

cloud light lit up

So that’s our little orange closet for our little colorful nursery for our little baby.

Officially one week late today. Nick and I are always late to everything, so I guess this is just a taste of our own medicine. It doesn’t taste too good.

10 Comments on “On Cloud Nine With Our Closet

  1. Wow, congratulations on the baby closet! Now I know where I need to look next when I visit again! 😉 DST baby means it knows how to get things done for it.. just get to places late 😉 that’s one of the perks of being late- everything’s ready and done for you.. you guys would know a thing or two about that?? ILY, and please do keep us posted on what the doc says today

  2. Looks great! There’s no way I could live without closet doors since that’s where we stash all of the crap, but I love the look!

  3. I love the fabric that you have used in the nursery and the closet looks fabulous. You could avoid the “flood pants’ look by sewing a band of orange fabric to the bottom of the curtain, would tie in nicely with the tie back and beautiful blind. Congratulations on such a bright and beautiful nursery!

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