How To Cover Up a Hole in a Wall (with knock-down texture)

Remember this?

bathroom lights

Ignore the pretty mirrors and the pretty lights if you can. Focus on that hole between the two lights. Dad Vita did some magic electrical work and turned our one-light bathroom into a fancy two-light one.

That change left behind a sad little hole in the wall. Here’s how we covered that hole up.

Dad Vita grabbed paint sticks that you can get free at a home improvement store, put glue on them, and put them behind the wall.


The paint sticks act as supports for the drywall piece that will go in there.

First stick is in…


Putting in the second stick…


All three sticks are in!


We left it alone to let the glue dry. Then Dad Vita traced out the hole on a piece of paper.


We had grabbed a square foot of drywall at home depot, which cost around $10. Dad Vita put down the circle template on a corner of the drywall and ran a pencil around it.



Then he cut it out with a utility knife.


He added some more glue to the paint sticks and then stuck the circle of drywall in there.


There was a gap around the hole — you can see it in the above photo. He spread joint compound on and around the drywall circle to make everything seamless.

This is what we used:


The unsightly hole is all sealed up!


But it’s not done yet. The joint compound is smooth, while our walls have heavy knockdown texture.

Dad Vita went back home to Philadelphia, so it was up to me to finish it off!

I added the knockdown texture to the patched hole by using these tools:


Let me tell you, these tools worked but it took me lots of trial and error to do it right. I tried different methods, from close and quick sprays to continuous spraying from farther away. I wasn’t satisfied with my efforts until I watched this great youtube video and it helped me SO MUCH.

Basically, watch as many youtube videos as you can and try, try again on your walls. You’ll get it with some practice. The best method for you will depend on how heavy the knockdown texture is on your walls.

This was after my first round of knockdown spray…


Let’s see the texture close up.


It looks pretty good, right? Nope. The texture here is not thick enough for our walls. I painted over this and wasn’t satisfied. Also, you could see the circle of the added drywall because it stuck out just a tad compared to the wall. It bugged me to no end.

Look closely at the next photo and you’ll see the circle of drywall sticking out AND that the patched spot is smoother than the wall around it.



I added more joint compound around the edge of the drywall circle to level things out and did some more rounds of knockdown texture spraying…

While Janella hung out in the tub (this was pre-Sienna) reading her then-favorite book about monkeys drumming on drums. You can’t beat Dr. Seuss.


However, after 300 rounds of knockdown texture spraying and repainting, I still wasn’t satisfied. I hate being a perfectionist.

I finally walked away and ignored it for a week.

One day, I finally looked at it again and realized that it looked just perfect (almost). Oh, awesome, I’m done!

Sometimes you just need to WALK AWAY.


I just love how everything looks, with the lights and the mirrors.


We’ve decided to go with the white hex tile! I’ll order samples very soon. And we need to go to Benjamin Moore very soon to select a gray for the bathroom cabinets… I love picking out paint colors.

And I think it’s funny how you can see a hint of my pregnant belly in the photo above. That’s Sienna, y’all. And she’ll be three weeks old tomorrow…!

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  1. Lovely job!!! Thanks for the visuals– made it look easy and doable! Cute Janella with purse over her shoulder… Already a fashionetta!?

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