French Doors in the Kitchen: Black or White?

Here’s what our kitchen looks like right now.

current kitchen

All we’ve done in that room so far is paint the walls and ceiling. But this sleepy little kitchen is going to undergo a major transformation by 2014, if all of our plans work out!

We are planning to install new french doors in place of the sliding glass doors that lead to our backyard (and future covered patio). The sliding glass doors that we have are cheap and they have dents and sometimes they let in stupid bugs and spiders that have no place in modern civilized society.

Thanks to these two photos below, I’m in love with the idea of french doors in a white kitchen.

black french door
Tommy Smyth’s kitchen, via his facebook

french door lonnyvia lonny

I started with some Internet research and decided to call Lowe’s to ask them a couple of questions. They told me that they could send a guy over to measure our current sliding doors and chat with me about door options and their prices. “For free?” I asked. “For free!” they said.

The guy did the measurements and then popped open his laptop to design the french doors. He gave me two different quotes for two different doors (one with blinds and one without) and the price of installation as well as the price of a permit. It was all very reasonable and I got excited.

I asked him if Lowe’s could paint the french doors black and he said no, so I was planning on getting doors that were primed, not painted, and then I could paint them black.

All was well, but Nick and I couldn’t decide whether to spring the extra $$$ for internal blinds. These blinds are nestled in between glass panes. At certain times during the day, the sun shines all throughout the kitchen and it can get VERY bright. But did we really want to pay more money for something that wasn’t that big of a nuisance? We were leaning towards getting the blinds to increase our comfort in the kitchen, but we weren’t 100% sure.

We visited Lowe’s to look at the doors and blinds and hopefully make a decision, but I found a brochure that showed all the possible door colors. What? Black was one of the colors and it was a really nice black! However, we realized that the internal blinds only came with french doors that had internal grilles (the trim on the glass). Would internal grilles be painted black as well or would it remain white?

I made another trip to Lowe’s and talked with a worker there. He said that the internal grilles couldn’t be painted. Oh, boy. Even if I got a french door that was only primed, I still wouldn’t be able to paint the internal grille.

Our decision just became a little harder. We need to choose between white french doors with internal grilles and blinds OR black french doors with external grilles and no blinds.

Since we’re not sure whether blinds are a NEED or just a lukewarm WANT, we’re probably going to make our decision based on looks. Yes, we’re I’m that superficial.

Which means… It’s Bad Photoshop Time!!

(We plan to paint our kitchen cabinets white and put in wood flooring, so I added in these elements.)

White french doors:

kitchen w white doors

Black french doors:

kitchen w black doors

We’re still not sure. Eye roll at ourselves. So, tell me, which do you like better??

To make things even more complicated, we are also not 100% sold on an all-white kitchen. We are considering painting the lower cabinets a darker color, maybe a gray. So, here are two more photoshopped photos with darker lower cabinets.

Black french door with dark lower cabinets:

kitchen w black door gray lower cabinets

White french door with dark lower cabinets:

kitchen w white doors grey lower cabinets

Keep in mind that we really want to upgrade our black oven to a stainless silver one and we’re dreaming of switching out that ugly microwave with a sleek sliver range hood.

I hope you’re sufficiently confused now! Yay for too many options!

Now it’s your turn. Tell us what you think! We want to take in account of what people like because we would like to be able to sell this house someday… Not anytime soon, but someday.

10 Comments on “French Doors in the Kitchen: Black or White?

  1. From looking at these, black french doors definitely pop every time. Since you’re getting SS range & stove, how about painting the lower cabinets black. What software or app do you use to photoshop the photos? I seriously need to do that. Very visual, I am, therefore I must. Get it right in less time 🙂

    • Photoshop Elements. It’s cheaper than Photoshop and SO USEFUL. Teachers get a discount (I think) and I am sure you’ll qualify. Go for that? In the meantime, I would be HAPPY to conjure up some bad photoshop jobs for you, let me know!!

  2. Hi there,

    I’d say the black ones with white lower cabinets, but if you choose to go grey on the lower cabinets I’d go with the white door.


  3. I just stripped our French doors of the awful ugly beige color they were before and realized that rather than leave them the white they are, perhaps I should paint them black. So I went to the web to look for examples and found your bad photoshop. You have made my day! Your photoshop is hilarious. And definitely go with black doors. That is what I’m going to do after seeing this.

    Also, may I suggest Sherwin Williams Iron Ore for your lower cabinets. I painted my kitchen island this color. It is gorgeous.

    • Haha I’m glad I made someone laugh with my Photoshop skills (or lack thereof) 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion, I’m going to check that out!!

  4. 1st love your idea!! French doors are everything, lol 🙂 We have a french door in our kitchen & love it (also a pair in our bedroom) Anyways – I love the the look of the black…here’s my thoughts — skip the french doors with internal grids and if you can go for external grids its more along the lines of what you want – was for blinds have to considered roman shades or frosting the window panes to control the light?? Order white primed and paint them yourself — you may prefer the all white look once your cabinets are paint….whew! sorry for the long answer! lol

    • Wow that is a great idea about getting them primed but not painted so we can decide later whether to go black or not. Thanks!!

  5. I like the black french doors— also I’d skip the stainless steel appliances, they get smear easily and require a lot of upkeep. BUT I like my fridge stainless steel, so that would probably be the only SS in my next kitchen.

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