Easy DIY Art – Dots, Dots, & Dots!

Did you know Janella is now one year old? Actually, since I’m really behind with sharing our happy news, she’s closer to 14 months. Craziness.

janella with diy dots art

But look up at the art above her. I made that for her birthday party, which had a polka-dot theme. We’ve needed something on that wall for a while now and this was just a fun project to do… and it achieved two goals: 1. More polka-dot decor for the party and 2. Jazz up a weird extended wall in the living room. Mission accomplished.

First, a warning. I took these pictures at nighttime, since I only could work on this when Janella was down for the night. And I only took pictures of the first few steps, because the rest of it is pretty much the same thing and you don’t want to look at the same photos over and over again, right? Right.

I knew I wanted dots but I wasn’t sure at first how to create them. I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few stuff for the party and grabbed the chance to look for round stencils or round sponges… I found some, but they were too small for what I had in mind.

I decided to grab a sponge (clean one, of course, ew what are you thinking) and cut out a circle. It wasn’t that hard to do.

cut out sponge

I only cut out one, but you might want to cut out a few so you don’t have to rinse them out after every paint color. I didn’t want to do that because I didn’t want different sized circles and I didn’t want to kill waste any more sponges.

I gathered my acrylic paint stash, which is growing with every project, making me very happy. I knew that I wanted to include teal, pink, and gray, since they were the main colors of Janella’s birthday party. I also decided to add yellow to help it mesh better with the living room.

I started off bold, with dark teal.

It’s important to twist the sponge slowly to make the dots nicely circular and to pull back as you’re twisting, so the paint won’t stick up.

I only did a few teal dots because I knew they would make a strong visual impact. Then I moved on to adding pinks. Dark pink right out of the bottle, and then lighter shades by mixing pink with white.

And that’s where the photos end.

I kept on adding and adding dots in varying shades of gray, teal, and yellow. The little touches of pink were enough so I didn’t add any more after the first round. It took several nights of adding dots to fill up the whole canvas. I also decided to add a little more teal later on to make it even bolder but I’m glad I didn’t add any more pink.

Finally, the canvas was all filled and ready for the party! Just before the party began, we took a few photos of Janella playing with all the balloons on a table underneath the dots art. Here’s a photo that shows the whole canvas.

I had fun with this project and did it with no fear because I knew I could just paint it over easily (just like I did with this older canvas) if it didn’t look good. Right now, it looks great and we’ll leave it there until we find some real art that we fall in love with and shell out big bucks for.

I think I’m done with DIY art for now… I need NEED to make some real progress around the house!! There are a couple big projects that have been put on the backburner when I was sick, so it’s time to finally tackle them and check them off the list, FINALLY.

Nick, are you in? You have to be, you’re married to me. #sorrynotsorry

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