DIY Art: Ombre Water Drop Painting

I got this little canvas for free from a friend — it had a painting on it but I covered it up with three layers of gesso.

blank slate!

Since we’re working (very slowly) on the laundry room these days, I decided to do a simple art project that would go perfectly in the room. And what’s more perfect for a laundry room than WATER?

I did a few rough drafts and tried different painting techniques (I use the word “techniques” very loosely here).

rough drafts of water drop painting

After a serious art consultation with Nick, we decided that we would go with the ombre water drop. We also really liked the one with the colorful graphic shapes, but we didn’t want to hide it away in the laundry room. I’ll do a different version of that for some other room later.

I set up my painting station in the living room…

getting ready to paint

Yes, the laptop is part of my painting process. I like to watch shows on Hulu or Netflix when I paint.

First, I drew out a water drop shape using a blue-colored pencil and then painted the space around the drop with white paint. Then I mixed blue paint with lots of white paint to make this light blue color and began at the top.

first step to water drop painting

(Sorry for the flash photography in the previous and next photos. It was getting dark in the day when I was finishing this project up.)

Then I just worked my way down the water drop by mixing in more blue paint to make it darker. To make the layers blend in together, I dipped the paint brush in water and then brushed the space between two different layers. It worked great.

more layers of blue on water drop painting

Since I’m not a real artist, I didn’t have an artist palette tray, so I mixed paint on a zip lock bag. I tried using paper first, but paint soaked into the paper. I bet that my mom is groaning as she reads this. She’s the real artist in the family. Sorry, mom.

getting there - water drop painting

All done!

all done, in laundry room, water drop painting

But now I’m not sure where to put it in the room. At first, we were planning to put it under the hanging bar, but we realized that the wet clothes might ruin the painting. So, now I’m thinking about putting it on this wall next to the shelf and the cabinets:

where to put water drop painting?

Another option is to put it on the shelf, like so:

water drop painting on shelf

I’m not sure. I’ll leave it there for a while and figure it out later. But the important thing is that I really love the painting and it was so easy to do!

water drop painting on shelf

A few days later, we introduced Janella to the wonderful world of paint!

the true artist of the family: janella!

Most of the paint went into her mouth instead of on the papers that we gave her, but no worries, the “paint” is actually one part water mixed in with one part flour and food coloring. Here’s her first masterpiece:

Janella's first painting!

Maybe she’ll be the next… Kathi! (that’s my mom’s name)

3 Comments on “DIY Art: Ombre Water Drop Painting

  1. Love the ombre- put it on the wall, so you can admire it- as I find that when you put it in a shelf under cabinet, it can become overlooked? Janella’s definitely an artist- love her use of colors! 🙂

  2. Nice DIY. And the paint-covered kid made me laugh out loud. I think you could use her as a stamp of some sort and make colorful kid-shaped fabric.

  3. Ogling your ombre (giggle); love the painting! I vote for the wall too.

    Oh my gosh, when did Janella get so grown-up?! She’s killing me w/ her adorable baby self covered in paint. Will have to try that recipe w/ Quinn, thx!!


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