Category: Procrastination

Closet Bookshelves: The Project That Wouldn’t End

We finally FINALLY finally finally finished the built-in bookshelves in our office’s closet. We started this project before I got pregnant with Janella (first child) and finished it just a few days after Sienna’s (second child) birth. Three… Read More

Friday Randoms

Another day, another week, another month. Every time I stop and realize that it’s Friday, I’m amazed at how fast the week went. And then I realize that I haven’t even blogged anything or done anything that could… Read More

Janella’s Birth Day – Part One

Janella’s birth day was a wonderful and amazing day. Although I hoped for a “oh my gosh the water broke, go to the hospital NOW, drive faster, faster, FASTER!” kind of day, my body just wouldn’t cooperate. On… Read More

Paranoia + Procrasination = DIY Window Curtains

You know sometimes when you’re so scared to try something that you procrastinate in the hopes that someday you’ll wake up feeling confident and knowledgeable and ready to tackle that something with skill and dexterity? That’s kinda what… Read More

In a perpetual state of progress.

You’re welcome to come and visit our home sweet home, where you’ll find uncompleted projects strewn about. Towel hooks for the bathroom primed but not painted yet. We decided to go white instead of yellow once we saw… Read More

The Bedroom Nightstand Saga Comes to an End… Almost.

I can’t believe that our struggle to find nightstands for our master bedroom took almost a year! In May 2010, we almost got nightstands off Craig’s List but backed out when we found that they weren’t solid wood…. Read More

October: Productive and Unproductive

There’s still one more week left in October and it’s already feeling like the longest month of 2010. We packed up and flew to Philadelphia… …where we found the orange table. Then I got advice from dad-in-law Tony… Read More

Countdown to Cancun!

We just bought tickets to Cancun for June 15! We will be traveling the Yucatán part of Mexico and parts of Central America for five weeks. I really can’t wait for this adventure that we’ve wanted to do… Read More

Bad News and Good News

Painting furniture is HARD. Remember my jewelry drawer project? Not finished. I did make progress, though! But the deadline was yesterday. I say what? NO. I am not showing you what has been completed so far. It looks… Read More

Framing the Boob Tube

We admit it, we love a good TV. That little box shows everything from violent football games to thought-provoking movies to mind-numbing reality tv shows. On a trip to an outlet Sony store, we bought a 42-inch flat-screen… Read More