Category: Paint: The Enemy (and best friend)

One Room Challenge: Progress is Progress

Feeling sick today… So, here’s just a small peek at the bench that I’m working for our master bedroom. It’s not done yet, but here you go. I bought the bench 30 thousand years ago at a thrift… Read More

One Room Challenge: Plans and More Plans

I’ve already started working on our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge link-up party (hint: spray paint is involved) but I still have a long way to go. I was making changes here and there and realized… Read More

Our sad cabinet needs a paint job…

A long while ago, we bought this cabinet from a Goodwill store. This cabinet makes me feel so very full of regret. We bought it in 2011 and it was sad and lonely in our garage until just… Read More

A Decent Gold Spray Paint… And What I Did With It

I have this round little mirror that has been living in the garage, abandoned but not forgotten, for over four years now. A while ago, I decided to finally paint it and excitedly bought a gold spray paint…. Read More

Master Bathroom: Purple Walls & New Mirrors

From the beginning, we knew we wanted our master bathroom to be purple. That might sound crazy to a lot of you, but purple was our wedding color and it is special to us. It’s also one of… Read More

DIY Art: Ombre Water Drop Painting

I got this little canvas for free from a friend — it had a painting on it but I covered it up with three layers of gesso. Since we’re working (very slowly) on the laundry room these days,… Read More

IKEA Semi-Hack: Painting a LACK Shelf

When the cabinets were done and installed, we immediately knew that there needed to be a shelf underneath the cabinets. There was just too much empty space on the wall. Luckily, I already had two LACK shelves on… Read More

Refinishing Old Cabinets

The saga of the laundry cabinets is so long, I’m dividing it up into three parts. Today, we’ll talk about how I refinished the cabinets. On Wednesday, we’ll discuss how we installed the cabinets. Finally, on Friday, I’ll… Read More

Before and After: Laundry Room Cabinets

The saga of the laundry cabinets is a long one. Luckily for you, I won’t discuss it now. I will go into all the details next week. For today, I present you some instant gratification! A simple before… Read More

Tutorial: How to Prepare Plywood for DIY Art

I have a few ideas for DIY art for my home, but pre-stretched canvas can get expensive fast. Allow me to demonstrate. A standard 4 feet by 8 feet birch plywood, 3/4 inch, will probably cost you around… Read More