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Wrapping Paper + Contact Paper = Drawer Liners!

Ever since we painted Janella’s dresser a pretty teal for her room, we’ve been meaning to line the drawers with some kind of paper. I didn’t find the right one until I was shopping for Janella’s first birthday… Read More

The Nursery… 19 Months Later

Around 19 months ago, Janella was still inside me and I was working hard on her nursery. I haven’t really shared the whole room with you all. Shame on me. I never quite finished it — there’s a… Read More

Birds in the Sky… or the ceiling, whatever.

Just because it’s been quiet around here doesn’t mean we’ve not been busy! We are making good progress on the laundry cabinets and that thing is ALMOST DONE after so many touch-ups and additions and adjustments. I hope… Read More

The Case for Baskets

When I was preparing for the baby’s arrival, I knew that we would need baskets and boxes and all that stuff to corral ALL THE BABY STUFF but I didn’t exactly understand just what the STUFF would be,… Read More

Before and After: Janella’s First Dresser

This is definitely my favorite part of Janella’s nursery. Why do cameras hate the color teal? The color never shows up right in photos. Our teal office looks blue in pictures, and the same goes for this dresser…. Read More

Check Out My Crib (Skirt)

Our crib skirt is really cute. I finished it over a month ago, I don’t know why I’m just sharing it with you now… Oh yeah, because there’s a newborn around here. But I’m getting a handle on… Read More

On Cloud Nine With Our Closet

Another piece of the nursery puzzle is done! While I’m sad that Baby doesn’t want to come out yet, I’m happy to have the extra time to finish off the closet. Later on, when Baby is up and… Read More

Finding a Place for Mother Goose, Dr. Seuss, and Their Friends

We love books and we know our baby will love to read as much as we do. That’s why we asked our guests at our baby showers to bring a book along with a gift, so we’re off… Read More

Silver or Brass? Opinions Needed!

A quick post – I need your opinion! Here’s a small peek of our painted dresser for the nursery, but I can’t decide… Should we leave the hardware brass or turn them into silver?? I have Rub ‘n’… Read More

Weird Animals: Some Easy DIY Art for the Nursery

I was so excited to have the six Ribba frames gifted to me for my birthday last May (Nick promised me 9, but we realized that nine Ribbas wouldn’t have fit our wall. Our walls are only 8… Read More