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One Room Challenge: Progress is Progress

Feeling sick today… So, here’s just a small peek at the bench that I’m working for our master bedroom. It’s not done yet, but here you go. I bought the bench 30 thousand years ago at a thrift… Read More

One Room Challenge: Thrifting Is Fun

We’re making over our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge link-up party and this is week three. If this is your first time here, check out week one and week two. Nick’s parents are here (you know… Read More

One Room Challenge: Plans and More Plans

I’ve already started working on our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge link-up party (hint: spray paint is involved) but I still have a long way to go. I was making changes here and there and realized… Read More

One Room Challenge… Accepted!

This is the first post in the One Room Challenge series. Here’s the latest update. Linda from Calling it Home hosts this fun one room challenge that I’ve always wanted to participate in. Six weeks, one room from… Read More

Finding a Home For My Swirly, Colorful Painting

I thought it was time to get started on the art for our living room. I saw this beautiful art installation at an Anthropologie store in Austin (at the Domain) and I wanted to recreate it for our… Read More

Our Presents to Our House

I hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas! Wow, Christmas feels like ages ago already. The following are various items that we got for the house with Christmas gift money or gifts that Nick gave me. He… Read More

Things are finally getting done around here… Nightstands & Hardware Makeover Complete!!!

Remember these campaign nightstands that we got a while back? Well, I say “these” but you only see one in this photo. We have two of them, in case you’re wondering. And you’re probably not, so let’s just… Read More

How To Snag Overly Big Lamps at Home Goods

1. On your way to check out the piles of baby stuff at Buy Buy Baby, stop by Home Goods to check out the… goods. 2. Be obsessed with finding the perfect lamps/sconces for your bedroom and go… Read More

Sometimes a solution presents a new problem…

We’re very happy with our nightstands, but… Remember these lamps? Well, they barely fit the tops of the nightstands. If we add shades, they would not fit at all. Sigh… For now, we’ve relocated them to the living… Read More

The Bedroom Nightstand Saga Comes to an End… Almost.

I can’t believe that our struggle to find nightstands for our master bedroom took almost a year! In May 2010, we almost got nightstands off Craig’s List but backed out when we found that they weren’t solid wood…. Read More