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A Decent Gold Spray Paint… And What I Did With It

I have this round little mirror that has been living in the garage, abandoned but not forgotten, for over four years now. A while ago, I decided to finally paint it and excitedly bought a gold spray paint…. Read More

Easy DIY Art – Dots, Dots, & Dots!

Did you know Janella is now one year old? Actually, since I’m really behind with sharing our happy news, she’s closer to 14 months. Craziness. But look up at the art above her. I made that for her… Read More

New Ceiling Light: High Enough For Our Tallest Friend

Last week, something really horrible happened. A hit-and-run accident resulted in one of our good friends’ untimely death. Mark Gobble, a Ph.D. student about to complete his dissertation, a newly hired professor at Boston University, an owner of… Read More

The Story of the Headless Teal Lamp

Remember my spray paint mania? Well, it’s still going strong. I ended the last post with this photo as a hint… I thought it was really obvious but nobody guessed it correctly! I’ve had these headless lamps for… Read More

Finding a Home For My Swirly, Colorful Painting

I thought it was time to get started on the art for our living room. I saw this beautiful art installation at an Anthropologie store in Austin (at the Domain) and I wanted to recreate it for our… Read More

Our Presents to Our House

I hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas! Wow, Christmas feels like ages ago already. The following are various items that we got for the house with Christmas gift money or gifts that Nick gave me. He… Read More

I see the light at the end of the tunnel…

The new rug is in! It all looks great and bright and happy. Lots of yellow, though. Time to layer in some more colors! Didn’t Nick do such a great job with the makeover of the coffee table?… Read More

White Paint Saves the Day… (yes, again)

Sometimes it feels like we’re painting everything white these days. But white is just modern and classic, so we’ll keep on doing it as long as it makes sense. We got this great coffee table a while back… Read More

Black swirlies, strokes, dashes, lines, etc.

A while back, I posted about DIY art ideas. I think I’ve finally decided on an art project that I want to do for the space above our sofa. Something like these: lonny via my favorite and my… Read More

Black & White Rugs

Our beige and ratty and cheap and cat-destroyed carpet does not look good next to to our new roman shades. Since we can’t get wood flooring right this second, I’m on the lookout for a great rug. I… Read More