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Why You Should Always Read the Reviews Before Buying Anything

I’m going through a bitter divorce. A divorce with this thing: It’s a stud finder made by Stanley. I think it has multiple personalities and its dominant personality is that of a rebellious toddler who can’t make up… Read More

Friday Randoms

Another day, another week, another month. Every time I stop and realize that it’s Friday, I’m amazed at how fast the week went. And then I realize that I haven’t even blogged anything or done anything that could… Read More

9 Things I Learned While Painting the Laundry Cabinets

Well, I had the whole weekend and what did I complete? One cabinet. Sans door. Out of three cabinets. But to be fair to myself, I did do a whole lotta of sanding, wood filling, re-sanding, more wood… Read More

Janella Ali Vita is finally here!

10 – 18 – 11 1:55 PM 7 pounds, 15 ounces More details to come on Monday by Wednesday!

Featured… @ Brooklyn Limestone

Hello! Today, my ribbony roller shade tutorial is being featured at the excellent blog, A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress. Be sure to stop over and see her blog if you’re not already an addicted reader of hers. She… Read More

How to Caulk Without a Caulking Gun

Just call me MacGyver… or a cake decorator. This post might be a little boring to you, but I’m so proud of my hard work that I just had to show you what I did. Plus, my little… Read More

Broken AC + 100 Degrees = Not Fun

This is the forecast for this week in Austin. Despite being 28 weeks pregnant with a big baby (doctor says it might be 8 pounds, which is bigger than the normal 7 pounds), I am definitely not going… Read More