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One Room Challenge: Thrifting Is Fun

We’re making over our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge link-up party and this is week three. If this is your first time here, check out week one and week two. Nick’s parents are here (you know… Read More

Okay, our garage is really full right now…

…but it’s filled with goodness! Over the past two weeks, we’ve had some great luck with Craig’s List and thrift stores. We also finally hit up Habitat for Humanity’s Restore (the one in Austin is the original one,… Read More

The Little Side Table That Could

This poor side table has gone through a lot of changes. We got it through Craig’s List for a measly 7 bucks and we planned to use it as a side table for our orange-gray guest bedroom. I… Read More

Paint It Yourself: Part 2

We’ve been checking out the free ads on Craig’s List lately and we’ve gotten a couple of good stuff, including these picture frames: Awesome. See how big they are – compare their size with the spray paint canisters… Read More

Make a wish on this star…

Behold – another Craig’s List find! But we cannot claim any credit for this find, other than actually driving to the location and purchasing it. It’s all thanks to the awesome blog Design Crisis (written by Craig’s List… Read More

Sectional Sofa Dreams Answered by Craig

Know what? Nick is now addicted to Craig’s List and does MORE searching than me! How did that happen?? He’s even more successful than me… and I love it! He found this sweet sectional sofa for $200! This… Read More

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall.

We recently had a good mirror weekend. But first, let me rewind to a month ago. I was all set on buying this mirror that I blathered on about in this post: I went to Lowe’s with the… Read More

The presence of a sectional sofa is finally bestowed upon us.

Gray. Soft. Long. High arms and back. Cozy. Unique. Only $400 off Craig’s List. Perfect. We did not expect to buy a sectional sofa off Craig’s List. We planned to buy a new one, but we just couldn’t… Read More

Guest Room Finally Lightens Up

We had planned on swapping the cheap builder light in our guest bedroom with a equally cheap IKEA paper ball light, but after we took out the builder light we realized that the IKEA light just wouldn’t work…. Read More

Shoes need beautiful homes, too!

My dream closet would look something like this: via this article by Janell All that storage for shoes and purses! Our walk-in closet definitely can look like this with some work and money and time. We will be… Read More