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One Room Challenge: Thrifting Is Fun

We’re making over our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge link-up party and this is week three. If this is your first time here, check out week one and week two. Nick’s parents are here (you know… Read More

New Ceiling Light: High Enough For Our Tallest Friend

Last week, something really horrible happened. A hit-and-run accident resulted in one of our good friends’ untimely death. Mark Gobble, a Ph.D. student about to complete his dissertation, a newly hired professor at Boston University, an owner of… Read More

Tutorial: How to Prepare Plywood for DIY Art

I have a few ideas for DIY art for my home, but pre-stretched canvas can get expensive fast. Allow me to demonstrate. A standard 4 feet by 8 feet birch plywood, 3/4 inch, will probably cost you around… Read More

Spray Paint Mania

Do you get spray paint mania? Right after you spray paint something and you remember how easy it is and you love the result, you go foraging around the house looking for things you can spray paint. I’m… Read More

Home Dreams vs. House Realities

It’s fun to dream, but there always comes a time when you need to determine the difference between what will always be a dream and what is actually possible. And so it is with our house. My dream… Read More

Fire is Evil

In all of my excitement in making this house our home, sometimes I forget that people lose their homes. This is what happened in Central Texas over the past few days. Fires, with the aid of strong winds,… Read More

Okay, our garage is really full right now…

…but it’s filled with goodness! Over the past two weeks, we’ve had some great luck with Craig’s List and thrift stores. We also finally hit up Habitat for Humanity’s Restore (the one in Austin is the original one,… Read More

Broken AC + 100 Degrees = Not Fun

This is the forecast for this week in Austin. Despite being 28 weeks pregnant with a big baby (doctor says it might be 8 pounds, which is bigger than the normal 7 pounds), I am definitely not going… Read More

The Bedroom Nightstand Saga Comes to an End… Almost.

I can’t believe that our struggle to find nightstands for our master bedroom took almost a year! In May 2010, we almost got nightstands off Craig’s List but backed out when we found that they weren’t solid wood…. Read More

Lights Galore

We finally went on our bathroom light hunt last Saturday and it was successful! It was so successful that I was so worn out and slept all the way home from the stores. Sorry, Nick. In my defense,… Read More