Austin is Rocky

Most memories are great.

But this one, I’d rather forget.


So I would be willing to do it again if we move to a new house later with no grass in the backyard.

Let me explain.

We moved into our house during the month of February 2009 and barely used our backyard, because it was full of rocks, weeds, and ugly nothingness.


Well, the backyard in the picture doesn’t look that rocky or weedy. That’s after a full day of weeding and digging out of rocks. Oh, that trash can? Filled with rocks. To the brim.


Just looking at these pictures makes me want to run outside and lay on the grass (spoiler!) and laugh and play with all the crickets outside.

But no. I’m calling it a night and promising you a blog (coming tomorrow!) about that two long days.

(Oh, my hubby just said, “What about my haircut?” I guess I can’t sleep yet…)

2 Comments on “Austin is Rocky

  1. how many trips did it take you two to get rid of the rocks?

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