A Decent Gold Spray Paint… And What I Did With It

I have this round little mirror that has been living in the garage, abandoned but not forgotten, for over four years now. A while ago, I decided to finally paint it and excitedly bought a gold spray paint. I love the Rust-Oleum line of spray paint and I was sure that it would come out great.

But no.

The mirror ended up a weird shade of green-gold. And it was flat, not shiny. What? Ugh.

I did some internet research and found that many DIYers used the Specialty Metallic spray paint, not the Universal Advanced Formula Metallic that I used.

gold spray paint

In simpler terms, the spray paint can with the shiny cap? Good. The one with the non-shiny cap? Bad.

I wanted to test out the new gold spray paint before adding another layer of paint on the mirror. I had a random plastic egg from Easter, so I sprayed that. Ahh, much better. Look at the next photo and you’ll see a clear difference between the golden egg and the mirror.

difference in gold spray paint

The golden egg is yellower and much more shiny. No green-gold ugliness here.

The story doesn’t end here. As I’ve mentioned before, once I go on a spray painting rampage, there’s no stopping me.

I had recently read this post by House*Tweaking and really liked the little side table makeover that she did. And then I found out that the side table only cost $20?! I grabbed J and drove to the nearest Target. There it was, that little side table, all pink and white, and on sale for around $17.

before side table pink

At first, I was really unsure whether to buy it or not. The top didn’t look very durable and the black version of the side table in the store was already worn out. But J grinned big and wide when she saw it and said, “LIKE!” How could I say no to that?

I plopped it down in the living room and immediately loved it. It’s very light, easy to move around, and at the perfect height to put drinks and laptops on while rocking the baby to sleep or hanging out on our sectional. Nick liked it so much that we bought another one. Since our glass coffee table was broken by J a while ago (still gotta tell that story), these two little side tables will do the important duties of holding our edibles and our gadgets.


So we loved them but the hot pink color obviously did not go with our home. We have a gold-bronze mirror in the room and I’ve been meaning to bring in another gold/bronze element to match the mirror.

It was an easy decision – let’s paint the side tables gold!

Disassembling the base from the top took maybe 30 seconds. And that was with a toddler hovering.

unassembled! or is it disassembled?

I don’t know why we still have this cardboard box that our baby’s mattress came in, but it came in handy here.

before spraying, still pink

And after a few minutes of spraying, I got this:

gold now!


gold now!

I wanted to wait before spraying the second table so I could show it to Nick and see how he liked it. I got a gold star from him, so I’ll tackle the second one soon! But the pink side table and the gold side table, side by side, makes for a nice before and after!

before and after

Our living room right now, baby included. And to be honest, I took this photo carefully so that you wouldn’t see all the primary colored toys lined up and ready to be played with on the far left side. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

living room with newly painted table

Guess who else loves the side table?

J playing with side table

She loves to move it from room to room and put her toys on it. It’s the perfect height for her to stand and play. These side tables would be the perfect addition to a play room or a kids’ room. They’re so compact and light and cute!

Thank you, gold spray paint.

good gold spray paint

What shall I paint gold next? Maybe a lamp? Wait, I have just the lamp for it. Yesssss.

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